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Sympathy Worldwide Foundation is a non-governmental organization, established in 2003 to tackle the needs of some group of people such as commercial sex-workers, orphans and widows, etc.

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March Against Trafficking

March Against Trafficking is a dedicated month-long focus on the injustices and atrocities of human trafficking.  March Against Trafficking seeks to increase public awareness of human trafficking.  Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing “industries” and brings in an...
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1. to expose life skills as well as develop individual and collective sense of responsibility, self-confidence, autonomy, usefullness, cooperation, decision making ability and initiative basically among women and youths.
2. to advocate for policies to ameliorate the socio-economic challenges of grassroots communities.
3. to provide communities with information and counsel on the areas of moral and sexuality through the promotion of non-indulgence in commercial-sex and hawking among women and youths….
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