Volunteers help us encourage more Nigerians to join the movement to​ ​ensure a safer world for our women and girls. Volunteers help empower​ ​Nigerian citizens to speak up about violence against women and ensure​ ​everyone make a conscious effort to end the scourge.You can sign up for​ ​a project or you can register under a PARTICULAR INTEREST AREA and we​ ​will contact you as projects become available in that area.


* Projects!

Be a part of our team of volunteers! We have several projects to implement and we need more hands and it looks like YOURS will fit in perfectly. We have behind the smile, school tours, community engagements, stage plays and other projects to execute and we are hoping you will be joining us.

* Professionals!

Are you a Lawyer, Psychologist, Grantmaking Specialist, an Accountant, Auditor, or in any other profession? Your skill is useful to us. We need you!

* Help Fundraise!
We have several ongoing and pending projects to implement and will require funds for this. Asking how you could help? You can organize weekly, monthly and yearly donors. You can also help speak to companies you know to adopt STER Initiative as their CSR Initiative, Yes, you can!

* #StandtoEndRape
– Dedicate your tweets to the campaign
– Organize awareness programs in your community

* Petition
– Promote and sign a petition (we will inform you when we have one).


Read through the VOLUNTEER DESCRIPTIONS and determine which role(s) fit you best You can volunteer with our organization in any of these
* Research/Writing
* Law for Social Justice
* social media curation/web
* Traditional Media (TV, Radio, Newspaper) / Publicity
* Mobilization
* Fundraising
* Graphics Design

Interested in one or two of the volunteer positions stated above or do you want to volunteer in a capacity we have not captured above? Please fill our volunteer form with the accurate information and we will be in touch!